WordPress Websites And Web Design

My passion is developing top quality WordPress websites.

I believe websites are live entities.
Just like your business
They are constantly developing, changing and growing
With your dreams and needs 🙂

Let us take this journey together, to create  your spot on the web!

Our services

Web Design

WooCommerce Online Shops​

Corporative Websites

WorPress websites storge

WP Maintenance

Web Development

The process

?So where do we start

Our process begins at finding out your needs, aims and goals from your new website. We will understand who your target audience is and figure out your branding.

Often, during this process a business growth hacking brainstorming occurs, which will help you to move a step forward in marketing your product online.

You will decide on deadlines and the work pace in this process, and I will help you to maintain this framework

Designing your website

In the design process of your website,  We will consider your branding and visual language, the user interface and the overall user experience of your visitors.

We will choose a format and a color gamma according to your graphic assets, and create an initial sketch of your website.

We will edit this sketch and work on it together, focusing on making it content marketing oriented, user friendly, Seo optimized and accessible on all devices.

remain responsive across devices

We will use Blisk browser to simulate the website across different devices such as tablets, mobiles, desktops and wide screen devices. Then we will customize and optimize the website to fit them all, so you can be certain that your website looks perfect on any screen!

We will then make final adjustments, such as deleting access data, compressing images for faster loading, check for ultimate security plugins according to your storage company, add some more necessary plugins, and the final step will be to make it visible for google search engine spiders 

And there you have it- a top quality website.

Launching stage

We specialize in


This top Quality plug-in allows you to create calendars of events with great user experience, and useful add ins like booking your reservations to an event, ticket purchase through the website and even the opportunity to allow your users to buy the option to advertise their events on your calendar.

Multilingual & translatable

Do you need a multilingual website? The WPML language plugin will provide the ultimate solution, recommended for sites launched in three languages or more.

Elementor Pro

The most advanced and sophisticated Page Builder on the market, with front end and friendly editing features. Elementor Pro is easy to use and you can edit your content by yourself, it comes with a lot of extensions and beautiful design options!

Formidable Pro

Do you need an advanced form system, with screening and editing options? We have the knowledge to make it accessible and suit all your needs. Can be used for large and complex systems

Being said about my service

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